Account Analysis

If you are a commercial business with higher account activity, our Account Analysis can be very beneficial. This account is a cost-effective account for businesses with higher balances who need more services. You can offset your monthly fees with Account Analysis. Contact one of our Personal Bankers for details.

  •  $50.00 Minimum to open
  • Commercial customer with a large volume of total items (over 300)
  • Earnings Credit applied to collected balances to offset services utilized by the customer
  • Allows customer to maintain collected balances to avoid fees
  • Allows accounts to be combined so that excess balances can be applied toward charges on other
  • commercial accounts
  • Provides a statement of all commercial services rendered
  • Commercial customer who maintains more than one account, but concentrates most of the funds in a general or operating account
  • Commercial customer who utilizes a number of Bank services
  • Statement or eStatement with check images
  • Visa Debit Card

Contact a Personal Banker for a schedule of fees.


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